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Women's Championship

Ms. Allison                        (June1st-June 22nd)
Angel of Darkness          (June 22nd- July 9th)
Widow                              (July 9th-July 18th )
Nightelf                             (July 18th-July 20th)
Ms. Allison                         (July 20th- August 13th)
Vespertine                        (August 13th - Oct. 10th)
Demoness                         (Oct. 10th - Oct. 29th)
Angel of Darkness           (Oct. 29th - Nov. 7th)
Demoness                         (Nov. 7th - Nov. 26th)
Trinity                                (Nov. 26th - Dec. 24th)
Vespertine                        (Dec. 24th - )