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Moe Hilliard
Head Referee
Hilliard is a former twa ref. He was removed from duty for banging the bosses wife. Also for taking bribes to change match results. So we made him our Head Referee.


Luigi Montocelli
Montocelli is a former Italian Wrestling Champion. He has not been in the states long and speaks almost no english. He is very strict and will call a match right down the line. Wrestlers find it hard to understand him, which means they dont do as he tells them, which often results in a disqualification.


Big John Stansen
Big John is a former Insurance salesman from Illinois. Big John got arrested for insurance fraud. He decided he wanted to try something different, so he picked refereeing. He knows nothing about how to ref, but we thought,  what the hell. He can learn right?


Migel Santana
Santana is a former referee for the Mexican International Wrestling Association. Now he has come to us hoping to move up to better wages here in America. (But he dont know we actually pay him the least of all our refs). He seems to have a bit of a hatred for Americans, as he is always calling us gringos.


David Lewis
Lewis is a former Soccer ref. He decided he wanted to change sports, and picked pro wrestling. Says he wants to show referee's what a real ref can do. Yeah ok.