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Levin Wright

Head of Security once a inmate at a states correctional facility, Levin comes to the WCW as our head of security on his release program. Not many will mess with this man due to his demeanor and large frame.


Darin Colder

a former minor league wrestler who took a job at WCW hoping to get involved enough to make it into the big time of wrestling.


Troy Needlum
Needlum is a former soldier discahrged for striking an officer. He was removed from the police force for roughing up supects. Was fired as a prison guard for hitting prisoners. And fired as a bouncer for his brutality. So we hired him to be on our security. This guy has Spirit.


Tommy Jones

A good kid who is into martial arts and submission holds. He can keep control of a deadly situation even though he looks small.


Lemont Leroy Jackson
Jackson is the former bodyguard of Pop singer Nelly. He was fired after a fight broke out in the crowd and he accidently hit Nelly in the mouth, knocking him cold. We felt a guy who hits rock stars was perfect for the company.