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Medical Staff



Doctor Fagin

He seems to think an enema will cure just about anything. He was sued several times for malpractice and WCW hired him on as a medical advisor due to the fact that they could not get any respectable doctor to sign on for the wage they were offering. He is also a alcoholic and is seldom seen with out a drink of some kind.


Nurse Janet

Formerly a nursing home assistant she made a change in careers by signing on as the nurse at WCW. She has a minor background in Pornography and has been arrested several times as a prostitute. Although she has had some bad times she has a wonderful bed side manner and can make the biggest toughest man alive scream when she pulls out the needles.


Jerry Masters
Masters is a Paramedic who has been relieved of duty for shooting up on the job. He has been to rehab and swears he'll never do it again. We gave him a job cause we felt sorry for him. After all,   he swore.